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Eargasm Pending: Top 6 Podcasts You’re Missing Out On

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It wasn’t that long ago that the majority of responses to “check out this cool podcast” was “what’s a podcast?”, yet now you’d be hard pressed to escape them. 

The Contractor is partial to a good podcast, so whether you’re an aficionado or don’t quite get the hype, these picks are sure to either reinforce the podcast love or spark it.


    This isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of this beautifully weird and wonderful podcast. GOSSIPMONGERS hosts Joe Wilkinson and David Earl read out unsubstantiated rumours sent in by listeners. At the end of each episode, they choose their favourite submission which goes through to the Gossip World Cup Finals. So bizarre you couldn’t make them up, these listener gossips will have you snort-laughing till your eyes are streaming and your stomach hurts.


  1. The Long Spatula Podcast

    Hosts Ryan and Osanne have infectious chemistry, sharing their views and thoughts on life with the addition of some hilarious film, TV and podcast reviews. A great one if you’re into your entertainment, easy laughs and general shenanigans.

  2. Construction Brothers

    Brothers Eddie and Tyler Cambell are 4th generation builders from the US who own and operate a virtual modelling company. Each week they explore topics and ideas related directly - and indirectly - to the construction industry. It’s all about embracing the value of lifelong learning, which is way easier to do when you can kick back, relax and listen to these great hosts offer a wealth of information and ideas, not to mention some great interviews.

  3. The Ron Burgundy Podcast

    From the infamous news anchor legend himself, each episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast covers a different theme that Will Ferrel, reprising his role as Ron Burgundy, covers alongside notable figures relating to the topics at hand. In true Burgundy style though, things tend to go off the rails to hilarious effect. This one’s too good to miss!

  4. 2 Pence Podcast

    An absolute foetus of a podcast having only published their first episode in August 2020, the 2 Pence Podcast is one to watch. An easy, relatable and hilarious listen, hosts Ray Tomkins and Ross Murphy give their 2 pence covering everything from sit-down wees to trending stories on Reddit. You can also expect special guests, challenges and games - you’ll soon come to think of Ray and Ross as your new best mates.

  5. The ConTechCrew

    Hosted by construction technology entrepreneur James Benham, The ConTechCrew podcast discusses innovation in all things construction tech. So if you’re a tech buff wondering how technology can aid the world’s oldest industry, this uniquely engaging listen delivered with oomph by James is going to be right up your street. You can also follow The ConTechCrew on social media to join in on the conversation. Permission to geek out - “The Future is Built”, after all!


What are some of your go-to podcasts? Which ones make you laugh so hard you daren’t drive whilst listening to them? Sharing is caring, so let us know!

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