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*Lovingly slaps bonnet*: 5 Hacks to Keep Your Van Looking on Point

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Is this level of cleanliness a little over the top? Maybe. Are we here to judge? Hell no! For many contractors, their vans make up such a huge part of their livelihoods, transporting not only contractors themselves to and from jobs, but their valuable tools as well.

So it feels only right that we should compile this list of easy van cleaning hacks for the contractor who wishes to treat his or her motor-mistress in a way that befits her station!

Dusters at the ready.


  1. Keep a storage box as a bin for your rubbish.

    There’s only so much Maccies and Greggs rubbish a van can take. Save your steely-steed from despair by keeping a small to medium sized sealable container around to stash your rubbish in. Take it one step further and have one for recycling and another for general waste to reach eco-hero status.

  2. Line your cupholders.

    You’ll thank us and yourselves later for this one. Contractors who love a bit of baking, repurpose those fairy cake paper cases to line your cupholders, otherwise a bit of bloody kitchen roll will do just as well. The next time you catch a glimpse of the crumb-pocalypse happening in the bottom of your cup holder, you can throw the lining out to reveal a sparkling surface cleaner than Mother Teresa’s conscience. Remember to put one back in though!

  3. Use a (clean) toilet plunger to sort out any superficial dents.

    If it’s a write-off, this hack probably isn’t going to help you. For those small annoying dents though, you may as well try this nifty plunger hack before sending it to the body shop. 

  4. Keep a small, easy-access cleaning kit in your van like the domestic gods and goddesses we know you are!

    Small paint brushes and sponges are great for spot cleaning dusty bits like the vents, and to save some space, decant some glass cleaner into a travel-sized spray bottle so you can quickly remove Darren’s grubby finger marks off the windows. It goes without saying you’ll need a cloth as well. Oh and don’t forget anti-bac wipes: they’re essential for cleaning emergencies and for finishing up the job once dirty Darren’s vacated the vehicle.

  5. Get in those gammy crevices using your anti-bac wipes wrapped around a screw.

    A primitive solution, we know, but if it works, it works! We can see it now: you glance down, noticing it for the first time. A build-up of grime made up of lord-only-knows-what in the groove in the door. You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re now breaking out into a sweat, itching to get at it. Stress not my friend! We know for a fact you’ll have at least one screw in one of your pockets. If not, check on the floor, there’s likely one there. Remember your emergency anti-bac wipes? Fish one out, wrap it round the screw, scrape out the sinful-scum from the groove in the door and rest easy pal.


Is your van your pride and joy? Maybe it is, but it’s still a tip. We can feel a competition coming on - the UK’s most mingin’ van. Hold that thought.

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