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Christmas? Again?! - 5 Online Shops and 25 Gift Ideas for Fail-Safe Gifting

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Just when life feels like it’s finally getting back to normal and you’re regaining some control, you catch yourself humming along to George Michael in Tesco (rest in power my man) and audibly curse as you realise Christmas has only gone and snuck up on you for the 1091985th year in a row - although you can blame it on 2020 this year.

We at The Contractor suffered the same fate (it was Mariah Carey and we were in Asda though), so after we finished up our nervous poo, we thought we’d put our heads together and come up with a fail-safe gift guide for the masses to get the gifting element of Christmas ticked off and put behind us for another 365 days.

We can do this - Merry Christmas you filthy animals!


1 - Firebox

Our personal favourite when it comes to gifting at any time of year, you can find weird and wonderful stocking fillers and presents-to-impress alike at Firebox. They also have a trademarked Crap Wrap service, which is like gift wrapping but, well, crap, and a seriously funny touch if you know someone who loves a laugh at Christmas.

The Contractor’s Top Picks:

2 - Truffleshuffle

TruffleShuffle (shout out to fans of The Goonies) is the go-to online retailer for cult-classic/retro-themed merch and unique gifts you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Check them out and treat your favourite nerd this Christmas!

The Contractor’s Top Picks:


3 - Menkind https://www.menkind.co.uk/

True to its name, Menkind will have you in the right gifting direction for bros, bachelors, dads and grandads - but that’s not to say their products are wholly gender specific! Not only can you find funny secret Santa gifts, Menkind is also great if you want to get something a little special or personalised.

The Contractor’s Top Picks:


4 - Prezzybox

Don’t be fooled by the sickly-sweet name. Prezzybox delivers on both gift-idiocy and genuinely thoughtful, decent presents. They also have some really cool bits for kids - let me tell you, the dinosaur string lights were so close to making it into our top picks.

The Contractor’s Top Picks:


5 - I Want One of Those

And just when you thought we couldn’t have possibly found any more sacrifices to offer to the gift gods, we roll out I Want One of Those - or IWOOT, if you will. If you’ve graced the last four websites with your presence and you think you’ve seen it all, think again! 

The Contractor’s Top Picks:


And there you have it! This guide should stand you in good stead for sorting your gift obligations this Christmas. Whether you’re a frugal Freddie or go all out, you do you and have an ace time doing it this holiday season.

Merry Christmas from The Contractor!


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